Friday, December 12, 2014

Spent this week working on a Christmas surprise

A Surprise from Santa

My plan was to spend a few days this week working on a surprise for my daughter. She's been asking me to make an American Girl Doll Bed (Julie's Bed) for, forever. I checked out the web site and immediately thought, mom's coming over this week, this looks like a good project for us. I ran over to Michael's, picked up a few pieces of wood and started mapping out the plan. A few days later we had what we thought was a pretty nice looking Julie bed frame.
So, I've been working on miniatures for awhile and I guess I thought I could just glue this pretty large bed. Well, walking the frame to the garage for paint, I bumped into the door and the entire frame fell apart! After my "oh my gosh", I will just buy the darn bed" phase. I calmed down, went to the store to purchase some very fine nails and started all over again. Needless to say, this project took the entire week. The bed is finally complete and Santa is going to score some major points for this surprise.
Our interpretation on the Julie Bed, 3 sets of sheets, a reversible awning and duvet cover.

Okay, now I'm going back to mini's and glue! ;)

American Girl Doll Bed Frame (the second time is the charm) 

The handmade frame and mattress

Tufted the mattress
Mom made a flat, fitted, pillow case, duvet, decorative pillows and knitted the throw

I'm going the have one happy little girl