Thursday, April 24, 2014

Let There Be 12…12 Miniature Mattresses That Is!

Goal Accomplished!

Last week I set a goal of creating 6 mattresses with the beautiful fabrics I purchased. I set up a 1 person assembly line and got to work. I actually created 12, yes 12 mattresses in 3 days! 6 double and 6 twin. They turned out great!
Working on so many at one time got me thinking about other ways I can create the pipping, I used, and love the mattress tutorial from 1 Inch Minis, but couldn't help thinking there has to be an easier way to get the "piping look". I discovered you could combine the side of the mattress and the piping in one step. I used this method on two of the mattresses, but reverted back to the original, as I do prefer it.
If you want to see how I cheated a little, see the "Piping" Cheater Tutorial I created.

What's next? How about miniature top sheets and pillows made with sand for the "real" look. I have a few ideas for beds/daybeds/iron beds…oh, and I have to slip a Miniature Wing Chair in there somewhere (I am dying to do another one).
OMG, I have so much work to do…

The mattresses are complete!

6 double, 4 in 100% linen and 2 in cotton ticking

Twin Miniature mattresses waiting for a bed frame

100% Linen and tufted

Cotton Ticking Fabric

Created and photographed by 
Anita Smiley for fabulouslyflawedminiatures

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  1. simply amazing work!!!! I'm just starting out as I am retired and have time on my being creative...thankyou!!!