Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Test Mannequin Hardware and Stand Complete

Hardware and Stand

Today I spent most of the day finishing the hardware and stand for the mannequin. I'm really happy with the results. I also spent a great amount of time attempting to make a ballerina tutu. I did not realize how difficult they are to make. At some point I gave up and came up with, what I thought would be a better idea (at least for today). The Ballerina Mannequin tester will now be a Vintage Style Mannequin with an A-line red and white polka dot skirt. I am working on the skirt now and should have it ready tomorrow.  Here's the mannequin complete with the hardware and stand. Remember, the mold I have for the mannequins I will be creating in mass are a lot more dainty than this tester. I plan on selling these in my Etsy shop, some I will leave plain like below, others will be dressed, even with a tutu after I figure out how to make them.

Close up of rusted hardware

Vintage mannequin with stand

Will be dressed with an A-line red polka dot skirt

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Vintage Style Mannequin Progress

Looking Good, Feeling Excited!

Got a little excited, so I had to post to show the progress.

This mannequin is not one from the mold. This is the tester that I have been working on for a bit (I think the mold mannequin is a little more dainty).
After several layers of paint, (Annie Sloan chalk paint) some light sanding, waxing and distressing, I really started getting excited.
I will be adding rusted hardware to the top of the mannequin to give it a cool vintage vibe.

I did realized that I did not add the line going down the front and back to the sculpture I created for the mold…darn it, as I really like it :(.

Just finished distressing, love the look.

Front view, working on the hardware. 

Can't wait to get this dressed.
Click here to see how the hardware and stand turned out

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Mold Worked Perfectly

Ballerina mannequin mold update

This morning I tested the mold for the ballerina mannequins. It worked very nicely. Below is the final mannequin from the mold. I had to give it 2 try's, as I overfilled the mold with the clay and could not close it properly. I still have to smooth it out some and make the stand. 

Oh, the things I can do with this! 
Feeling super happy :)

Final result from using the mold. Will smooth it out with my tools.

Trimmed the excess before I pulled out the clay.

Right after I pulled the clay from the mold.
This was the first attempt, I over stuffed the mold and it would
not close properly. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

A New Addition to the Family

…and I have been totally obsessed over the upcoming arrival of this little cutie. Her name is Bijou, she is a cockapoo. Bijou will join our family October 20th. We are overwhelmed with excitement!
Sweet little Bijou

Our new family member

Apricot Cockapoo, Bijou

Will keep me company while I'm working on minis….so excited!

Testing out molds for a ballerina mannequin

Ballerina Mannequin

I have spent the last few weeks working (obsessing) on torso mannequin sculptures for a mold.  I love a vintage mannequin stand with a delicate ballerina tutu.
After several attempts, I finally created a torso that I was happy with and passed it on to a wonderful friend, who created the mold for me. I am going to test the mold out this week, if all goes well, I will create a few by the end of the week.
My goal is to give them an aged look using paint and other techniques, then I will add a delicate tutu and a vintage inspired stand.
Here's a peak at the work in progress:

An inspiration board I made for this project. I love the vintage feel of these images, the
antique white and dusty rose is beautiful.  

The torso I am happy with. Doesn't look like much now, but once
I add a few touches, it should look fab (fingers x'd).

The mold my friend made for me. The torso is now very smooth. I'm hoping
I can create several without having to sculpt each time. Hoping this works out.
Click here to see the results after I used the mold