Sunday, May 31, 2015

Miniature Dollhouse Wing Chairs Coming Soon!

Just wanted to share what I've been working on for the last week.
I have been obsessed with miniature wing chairs…forever! I've been playing out how to create them in my head for some time. This past week I carefully put together a House of Miniature wing chair, absorbing the instructions. I made a few changes to make it a little updated. I was really pleased with the result.
I then set out to create my own pattern based off of the HofM model, next thing I knew, I was putting together 10 chairs! I still have a bit more to do on each chair, some will have pillows that I have to make, but here's a peek.
I will have the fabulouslyflawedminiature wing chair, as well as several of the "upcycled" HofM wing chairs coming to my shop soon!

Miniature Dollhouse Wing Chairs coming to fabulouslyflawedminiatures

Monday, May 18, 2015

Miniature Dollhouse Tea Towel Sets...

I've been really busy working on the tea towels, boy were they a job. They turned out really nice, so I'm happy. I have them now listed in my Etsy shop. They come in 2 styles: A set of 3 tea towels with 2 wash towels or a set of 3 tea towels. There are lots of different colors too: Red, Vintage Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Olive, Rust, Shabby Pink and Vintage Yellow.
Etsy Shop:
Tea Towel Sets shown in a cabinet

Tea Towels on a 1 inch wall shelf

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

1 1/2 Inch Pillows Are Here...

Just uploaded tons of 1 1/2 inch miniature dollhouse toss pillows to my Etsy shop. I have lots of colors including plain and pattern designs. I also have beautiful colored hand knitted toss pillows in 1 1/2 inch. They look lovely on a bed, sofa or wing chair.
Etsy Shop:

1 1/2 inch miniature dollhouse toss pillows in plain and decorative patterns

Dark Blue 1 1/2 inch hand knitted miniature dollhouse toss pillows