Monday, January 26, 2015

Working on New and Exciting Minis

New Stuff Coming!

Haven't had much time to blog these last few weeks, I've been working on lots and lots of new stuff for the Etsy shop. Look for new wood furniture items, fabulous new bedding and a few surprises. What am I doing here, I've got to get back to work!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mini's I will Treasure

Feeling Lucky to Have These…

A gift from my sister in law, originally owned by my mother in law

Just over a year ago, my mother in law, Barbara passed away from cancer. This was heartbreaking. She was a very nice lady with a wonderful artistic eye. Over the years, she and I would make wonderful art together during the Christmas holiday, in fact, she introduced me to the mini world. 

I remember when she started putting her first mini box together. We visited many dollhouse shops searching for the "right" items for her vintage kitchen box project. At the time, I was amazed at how much she was willing to spend on that little box, but once she got it all together, I understood the expense, it was perfect!

It sat prominently on a book shelve amongst the array of art books, sculptures and baskets she collected. This is when my fascination for miniatures began. I studied that box "hard" every time we visited her home. I admired that box so much.

In addition to the kitchen box, she also had a vintage style schoolhouse and a rather large dollhouse that she worked on here and there. Everything about her minis were realistic. She even found a lady in South Carolina who made miniature dolls. The schoolhouse was filled with mini children, it was wonderful as well.

Recently, I received a box from my sister in law. When I opened the box and realized what was inside, I was overcome with sadness. It brought back so many memories of us making mini books, tables, and the ugliest miniature dolls I have ever seen. I think I dumped mine, but she kept hers. She displayed it on a shelf in her room. My sadness then turned to happiness, how nice of my sister in law to send these to me. I immediately called to thank her. 

Although some of the pieces were broken while being transported, I know that I will be able to put them back together, possibly add some fabulouslyflawed magic to bring them up to date, and add them to the "Painted Lady" that I am working on. My hopes is that the dollhouse will be a great tribute to both my mom and my mother in law. 

As an "arty", I feel that I have been fortunate to have 2 amazing women (mom and Barb) in my life that have not just supported my artistic energy and ideas, but have exposed me to new things and helped shape the type of artist that I am today. I thank them both.

Here are some of the mini's I received and will cherish:

Monday, January 5, 2015

New items listed in my Etsy Shop

New Items Listed and Playing with Photography

Just added a few new items to the Etsy shop. Also had fun playing with photography. I really wanted to showcase the aprons, so I made the little hanging stand, hanger and a few cleaning items.
I will keep the stand for future staging, but the aprons and cleaning items will be listed.
It was a busy day :).  Here are some of the better shots.

Apron with Pink Feather Duster, both listed in my Etsy Shop

Lovely vintage style aprons

Forgot to add the cleaning solution bottles in this staging…???

New round vintage inspired game board

Just trying to get creative with the photography