Thursday, April 24, 2014

"Piping" Cheater Tutorial

A Quick Way to Pipe Your Mattress

Here's a quick way to add piping (and sides) around your mattresses at the same time.

Supplies Needed
1"wide strip of fabric you are using to create your mattress (make sure you measure the length of the mattress before cutting.)
Printer paper
Small Scrapbook Paper Cutter
Natural Polished Hemp (or what ever you normally use for your piping)

Mattress using the "Piping" Cheater Tutorial

Step 1: Cut a strip of fabric 1" thick, measure around your mattress for the length. Cut a strip of print paper (I use the thicker kind) the depth of your mattress. Fold the paper in half (the only way it fits in the mini paper cutter). Cut two strips. You will need two to go around the double and twin. Glue the two strips together to create one long strip.

Step 2: Add glue to the paper strip. Glue the strip to the fabric, glue side down.

Step 3: Add a generous amount of glue to the top of the paper strip. Make sure you add glue to the fabric too. (You will be folding this over the hemp and the paper strip).

Step 4: Measure a piece of hemp the length of the paper strip. Lay the hemp on the top part of the paper strip. Fold the fabric over the hemp and the paper strip. (The hemp is the piping, the paper is the side of the mattress).

Use a generous amount of glue on this side

Step 5: Use the paint scrapper tool to define the piping. Once you are satisfied, turn over and do the other side. Let dry.

Really pushing hard to define that piping

After you have defined the piping (both sides)

Now you are ready to glue this (side/piping) strip to your mattress. Once done, fold the hanging fabric under the bed and glue.

Gluing around the entire mattress in one step

Still drying, but looking pretty good.


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