Monday, December 28, 2015

Martha Stewart Magazine...

Good Things

Winter 2016
I want to share some exciting news with you. Back in July, we were on a road trip headed to Disneyland when I got an Etsy "convo" from an editor of a magazine. She wanted to know if I would like to have my miniature dollhouse pillows featured in the "Good Things" section of their magazine. Now keep in mind, I had Disney on the brain. She mentioned that the photo shoot was August 4th and they would need the items before then. I responded with a happy "yes" and "I will follow up when I return home from vacation". I was NOT thinking Martha, even though there was a "Good Things" reference.

I shared the news with my hubby, who asked me to read the "convo". Now this time, I noticed the subject line, "Martha Stewart Weddings". Oh my, this was the editor of the magazine contacting me for my miniatures to be featured in the "Good Things" section of a Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine! I could feel my heart beginning to beat with excitement! Not only did she want my miniatures, but she purchased a few things. I was so excited!

The section will show how you can use miniatures in your wedding. She thought using my little pillows as a ring carrier in tiny little hands would be a nice way to utilize this idea... (me too!). When we returned home, I packed the items she purchased, along with a few extras and rushed them to New York.

My little hand knitted pillows
Now here's the hard part. A few weeks later, a Weddings Magazine came out. My husband and I were out for an evening when we noticed a bookstore. We rushed inside, scanned the magazine rack for the new "Weddings Magazine".  We sat down on a comfy sofa, page by page we began looking for those little pillows. No pillows, maybe it just didn't happen. To make me feel better, my husband said, "maybe it was too early to get them photo'd and put into the magazine, let's see what happens next issue." I left the bookstore feeling a little disappointed.

A few weeks passed, still no word from "Martha". I wanted to contact the editor, but did not want to seem anxious, so I let a few more weeks pass. "Okay, I'm going to do it!" I sent a nice little "convo" to the editor asking "how did the photo shoot go?".  Two or threes days passed (feeling blah about it), when I got a nice little email from a "Martha Stewart Weddings Fact Checker". Oh my, it is going to happen! There were a few questions about my pillows and a cute little picture…back to being excited!!!!

I was told the items will be in the Winter 2016 "Weddings Magazine". I am most proud of this because my wonderful mother hand knits and sews these little pillows for my shop. Even though they will be listed under fabulouslyflawedminiatures, it is her perfection that makes these little pillows special. Love mom.

Picked up the magazine today, and there were the pillows…feeling happy:).

My little pillows in Martha Stewarts Weddings Magazine, Winter 2016

I love the caption for the pillows

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