Saturday, October 11, 2014

Miniature Bed Sheet Sets

Asked for a Favor…

So, awhile ago I asked my mom if she would sew a few miniature sheet sets. We discussed the size, and look. I also wanted to use sand in the pillows, as it gives a more "realistic" appearance. She said,
"no problem". A few weeks after that conversation, I received a package in the mail with more wonderful hand knitted blankets and a bunch of sheet sets! I was really excited about the package, but I was working on something else, so they sat there for awhile. I knew I would get back to them when I started doing the photography for the Etsy shop.
Well, today I am wrapping up the last few things I have to do before I get the shop open. I pull out the package and started dressing the beds. OMG, they are great!  The sets are for double (queen) miniature beds. Each set has 2 pillows (filled with sand), two pillow covers, an envelope style fitted sheet and a flat sheet.
Below are a few photos. They are beautiful!
Thank you mom. :)

Blue and Khaki Miniature Dollhouse Bedding Set

Rust, Khaki and Black Miniature Bedding
Rust Bedding with a fabulouslyflawedminiatures throw blanket

White Linen Miniature Bedding

Pink Shabby Chic Miniature Bedding

This set has lace on the sheet but not the pillows. I think it's better to
have the lace on one or the other.

Brown, Khaki and White Miniature Bedding

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