Saturday, November 22, 2014

Okay, I Can't Hold it in Any Longer

Singing the Happy Song!

I launched my Etsy business October 17, 2014. I was really excited watching the "stats", "favorited" and  "sales". What a great feeling. After a few days though, the sales started to slow and I kept hearing the ringer tone for "favorited", but not the cash tone for "sales". Don't get me wrong, I love when one of my items are favorited, although Etsy tells you it may not turn into a sale, just the thought of people liking what I created makes me super happy. But I must admit, knowing that one of my items might be sitting in someone's beautiful dollhouse across the world puts a huge smile on my face.

On this particular morning, I'm talking 5:40 a.m., there was a chime on my phone, my husband, who wakes up pretty early to work out, wakes me to some very exciting news. I had a sale in the wee hours of the morning, yahoo! But there was also a "conversation". As I attempted to read the conversation with "it's 5:40 a.m" and "I don't have on my glasses" eyes. The only thing I could see clearly was "Dolls' House Magazine(UK)". WHAT! After I found my glasses, I was ecstatic to read that the magazine liked my work and wanted one of my "makes" (shabby chic bedding) for their February issue. Now this is all new to me, as I was thinking they wanted a tutorial of how I made the sheets, I didn't photograph the steps??? Then I read it again, and realized they want a picture of the set. Yes, I can do that.
So here's the even better news, my mom, who makes the sheets was visiting when I got the news. (it's 5:42a.m. now ). I was wide awake now and was having a mini celebration. I asked my husband, "should I wake mom?", of course he said "no", but I could not resist. I went to tell mom the news and I tell you, I have never seen her jump out of the bed so quickly. She wanted to read the "conversation". So there we were, at 5:46 a.m celebrating and singing the "Happy" song.