Saturday, July 2, 2016

Oh, So Shabby...

A new challenge…
I am really enjoying making these chairs. This one is from 1 inch minis (Kris) tutorial I just finished. (Bad photo lighting ;(.
I made a slight change to the back of the chair. The color is Petal (a beautiful soft pink). It's made with 100% linen fabric. Instead of a skirt, I decided to add feet. I have challenged myself to make at least 8 in different colors and styles.
This group of chairs will be added to my shop at the beginning of August with lots of other new inventory I have coming.

Stay tuned…

Miniature Dollhouse Upholstered Chair
in a Shabby Chic Pink, 100% Linen with piping and wood feet

100% Linen Miniature Dollhouse Upholstered Chair
with Lace Throw Pillow

Upholster Miniature Dollhouse Linen Chair
with Lace Pillow