Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year...

Happy New Year!
I am excited about the goals I have set for the new year, which include lots of new mini work. Still doing a little work on the "real" house, but needed to take a break and get back to my minis. I had a good December in sales and a nice amount of custom work that I am working through this week.

There are tons of "almost finished" projects in my studio closet. If you are looking for furniture (wing chairs, sofas, ottomans) you will see lots of this type of mini work coming to my shop. I have the House of Miniature Chairs, but I am also working on an altered version of the 1 Inch Mini upholstered chair, as well as a sofa in the same style. Happy to be back full time and looking forward to making lots of cool items for your mini homes.

Custom Chambray Ottoman for Customer