Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Learning to make a miniature dollhouse cake

I had a little extra time while some of my other projects were drying. I've read a few books and watched a ton of videos on how to make miniature dollhouse cakes. Today I gave it my first try.
Here are my results and my critique.

First try at  miniature cake making…needs work

Cake from back angle…just not right

Inside of the cake


  • The icing mix was too soft. I had a problem getting the icing design I wanted. Next time I will use less translucent liquid clay in the mixture so that I can have more control.
  • Don't use gloss on the bread portion of the cake.
  • Make the cake flat before baking (cake is lopsided).
  • Spend more time on the texture.
  • Try not to cut such a big piece. :)
  • Use the 1/2  round cutter instead of the 1 inch, the cake appeared off scale.

Gave this one to my daughter, back to the drawing board for me.

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