Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Peek at New Stuff

Checking in…

Just wanted to check in. I have been working super hard on some new things. First, I'm am obsessing on miniature metal vintage inspired signs. I think have created at least 50 this week. I have also put my graphic skills (along with images from Graphics Fairy) to use and designed a few. I absolutely love them and will be selling lots of signs in my Etsy store. 
I also have been working on 2 new wall shelves. They are almost complete and look pretty cool. They both have little doors that open. 
Finally, crates…not just any ol' crate. These are long and thin with rusted metal handles. I have white, weathered wood, old white, red and one vintage green one. They will be sold with a "Fresh Eggs" vintage sign and a few eggs. 
Below are a few photos, of work in progress.
#miniature crates #shabby chic #miniature cottage

Long crate with metal handles

Miniature vintage metal signs, the Fresh Eggs with be sold with the above crates

More signs. I have lots of other designs too!