Monday, July 28, 2014

A Visit to the Smithsonian…looking for minis

Good morning!
I am happy to be back. Took a little break to hang out with my family and vacation. A wonderful trip to New York and Washington. New York… WOW! This California girl was overwhelmed! So many things to see, places to go and people, people everywhere and all night and morning long, I don't know how they do it!
After a hectic, but fun time in New York, we took the train to Washington. I could not wait to hit up the museums. The first stop, National Museum of American History. Of course, I was looking for minis. My 6 year old daughter told me to close my eyes and guided me to a dollhouse full of minis. I must admit, I thought there would be tons of minis, we only found one house. I took a few images to share with you and found a few things I am going to try to make for the shop.
Next up: Two more things to finish for the shop and I will be open for business. Enjoy the images, and again I am happy to be back and working on minis.


Butler Room

Bedroom, I like the throw and bedskirt

Children Bedroom


Children Bedroom, love the cage



Babyroom with a great bed


Sewing room, I love the cabinet

Children Playroom, l love the dollhouse toy

Dining room

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