Saturday, February 20, 2016

Miniature Stained Glass Frames...

Now that I have exhausted myself from woodwork. My next "big" goal is to create miniature stain glass panels in different sizes. Each panel will have an aged frame and rusted handle for hanging. I been playing around with some ideas and I think it's going to work out nicely. I'm just waiting on hobby lobby to send the  supplies (their delivery is super slow).

I'm also moving on the miniature wing chairs again. I did a test of about 4 or 5 chairs and I am happy to say that all the chairs sold! I will be Upcycling wing chairs to give them a more updated look.

Here's a peek:

Stain Glass
Below is the glass panel tester. I did not have the correct product for the color, so you can see it's super messy. I just wanted to see if the idea would work. Once the "how to" was figured out, I went ahead and ordered the correct color products. I'm really excited about these, as I have bee collecting wonderful stain glass patterns and can see the results in my head.

Upcycled Wing Chairs
I will be creating many of these wonderful wing chairs in beautiful fabrics that I have been collecting. Each chair will come with a pillow also.

Feeling excited :)

Update: Can you believe that hobby lobby sent me the wrong markers :(.  I'll be heading to Michaels tomorrow. I so want to start working on this project!!!!

Tester for Stain Glass Panels

Will be Upcycling this style of wing chair
using different fabrics