Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Faux Shelf Blankets...

Introducing Faux Shelf Blankets!

Need to fill your mini shelves with blankets but find they are too bulky? We now have shelf blankets that fit perfectly on a shelf as small as 1 inch deep. They look equally well on shelves up to 1 1/2 to 2 inches deep. These hand knitted stack of 3 come in wonderful deep, vibrant colors. They will add instant charm to your mini setting and create a realistic look on your shelf unit.

Note: These are faux blankets, they are intended for shelves only. Stack colors are sold as photographed. The are not glued together so you can move them around or combine stack colors.

More combinations coming!
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New Miniature Dollhouse Faux Shelf Blankets
This unit has 1 1/2 inch deep shelves.

Miniature Dollhouse Faux Shelf Blankets in beautiful colors.
Wonder Shabby Chic Dollhouse Miniature Faux Shelf and Stackable Blankets

Stack of Blankets on 1 inch deep shelf.

Front View of Blankets on shelf.

1 inch deep shelf with Faux Blanket Stack.
Faux Shelf Blankets Stacked on Blanket Chest

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