Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Test Mannequin Hardware and Stand Complete

Hardware and Stand

Today I spent most of the day finishing the hardware and stand for the mannequin. I'm really happy with the results. I also spent a great amount of time attempting to make a ballerina tutu. I did not realize how difficult they are to make. At some point I gave up and came up with, what I thought would be a better idea (at least for today). The Ballerina Mannequin tester will now be a Vintage Style Mannequin with an A-line red and white polka dot skirt. I am working on the skirt now and should have it ready tomorrow.  Here's the mannequin complete with the hardware and stand. Remember, the mold I have for the mannequins I will be creating in mass are a lot more dainty than this tester. I plan on selling these in my Etsy shop, some I will leave plain like below, others will be dressed, even with a tutu after I figure out how to make them.

Close up of rusted hardware

Vintage mannequin with stand

Will be dressed with an A-line red polka dot skirt