Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Vintage Style Mannequin Progress

Looking Good, Feeling Excited!

Got a little excited, so I had to post to show the progress.

This mannequin is not one from the mold. This is the tester that I have been working on for a bit (I think the mold mannequin is a little more dainty).
After several layers of paint, (Annie Sloan chalk paint) some light sanding, waxing and distressing, I really started getting excited.
I will be adding rusted hardware to the top of the mannequin to give it a cool vintage vibe.

I did realized that I did not add the line going down the front and back to the sculpture I created for the mold…darn it, as I really like it :(.

Just finished distressing, love the look.

Front view, working on the hardware. 

Can't wait to get this dressed.
Click here to see how the hardware and stand turned out