Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Minor Distraction...

Distracted by the Basket
Paris flea market handmade miniature tote
and baskets.
Paris Grain Sack Headboard

Okay, I admit that I am easily distracted by all things mini. My intention was to get all the new items that I created up by the end of February. Then a little light started shinning in my head and I had to tinker with it…BASKETS! Paris flea market totes, then floor baskets, okay lets add that popular red stripe, then the blue stripe, one stripe, 2 stripes, I became obsessed!  Next thing I knew I had 10 or 11 baskets. I want to add a small little "x" at the bottom of the handles for extra detail and they are done.

The headboard, another distraction, but I love them!. I made 3 so far and I am trying to develop a light weight frame that will allow you to change the headboard without purchasing the entire set. I won't have the headboards for sale until I work out that issue. But you will see some of the designs in my photo staging.

So, I absolutely MUST get to photography this week, there will be lots to see :).


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