Saturday, April 9, 2016

Picasso Blue Period Art Book in Miniature...

I'm doing a series of miniature dollhouse coffee table art books about my favorite artist. I have tons of art books, and thought it would be such a wonderful idea.
I searched the internet for a good tutorial and found a great one from We Love Miniatures. I was a little excited on my first attempt and made a few mistakes. I went back and viewed the video again, took my time, used the right paper and it turned out pretty nice.
I did not want to age the book, so I should have lightened my template lines. I also made the pages 4 pixels smaller then cover, painted the inside of the book cover and edges with a dark blue paint. 

It's pretty simple to put the books together, the time consuming part is designing the book in Photoshop…it takes a looooooong time! 

This one is "Picasso blue" - images from Picasso's blue period 1901-1904
Miniature Dollhouse Art Book
"Picasso Blue"

Miniature Dollhouse "real" art book

Miniature Dollhouse Art Book

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