Friday, January 20, 2017

So Much Fun...

I've been working on a few things this week as I continue the Trailer project. Sometimes I get seriously distracted by the ideas dancing in my head and I just have to tackle one or two.

This week it was Suitcases, Art Deco Bust, French Flea Market Suitcases and Clogs!

As I'm working on the Trailer, I'm also thinking of accessories I would love to include in the project. The Art Deco bust is something I've been wanting to do forever. It looked pretty easy to do, but once I started working on it, I realized how difficult it is going to be. I have my fingers x'd on that one.

The French Flea Market Style suitcases. I envisioned them next to the iron bed, kinda using them as a side table. I played around with a few ideas (see below). Not sure if this set will go in the trailer, but I'm liking the way they turned out, so I will make more in the theme of the trailer.

Okay, the clogs, these are the cutest EVER! I own several swedish hasbeens clogs. When I saw this picture, I went ABSOLUTELY CRAZY, I must have a pair in the trailer!! The Etsy store is Minis2you, she doesn't have any available right now but it looks like you can ask for a custom. Of course, I just have to give it a try, not sure if they will turn out this fantastic, but I will do my best and I'm sure they are super fun to create.

Lastly, the Trailer. I used plaster on the walls and it did not turn out too well. There was crackling and peeling where I covered the windows. Probably should not have used scotch tape in those areas. I was able to get the plaster pretty smooth, but when I painted, it crackled (not the look I'm going for). So I came up with an idea that worked out perfectly…
First I sanded the walls to get them smooth, painted them in white and let dry. I cut a piece of muslin fabric, gave it a glue bath and let it dry, it was pretty stiff when dried. With a brush, I put a nice amount of glue on the wall, then covered with the muslin, making sure every area was glued and there were no bubbles. Let dry, then paint.
The walls now look very nice with a slight texture. I'm thinking I may use this technique on the exterior of the trailer instead of the corrugated paper, it looks great when painted.

Here's a few photos, have a wonderful weekend and I will catch up with you next week.


Art Deco Bust Inspiration

My attempt at the bust and clogs…fingers x'd on both!

Seriously, the cutest miniature I've ever seen!
My inspiration

The French Flea Market Suitcase
(first attempt)

French Flea Market Suitcase
(2nd attempt, different technique)

The suitcases together and a few new topiary plants for the trailer

Turning ugly mini walls into beautiful, slightly textured I'm happy walls! :)

After windows cut out and a few coats of Annie Sloan "Old White"
The wainscoting in Annie Sloan "Pure White", still need work, but looking good.

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