Friday, January 27, 2017

Wrapping up the Week...

Wrapping up the week with a few more accessories.

I'm going to put my favorite first, the ballet slipper, I love it! My daughter is a little ballerina, so I thought it would be nice to include some ballet items.
I also tried to make a Ugg boot. I followed a tutorial I found on line, it looked so easy, it took me forever!!!…and I still did not get it right. I will give it one more try, but not sure if I can do it. Remember the clog? Well my clog turned into a sandal. I have to paint the straps, but I'm okay with it. I would love to make a clog, but I have to rethink how to put it together

 I also spent a lot of time on books and artwork. The trailer will have a wall of shelves, so spent much of the week creating and painting book covers in Annie Sloan paints. I also want to include a collection of children's books. I was able to find lots of great covers on the web, but have to Photoshop them (work in progress). This trailer will include artwork by the masters. I Photoshop several and will decide what to add once I start decorating.

Lastly, I worked on a few boxes. I love vintage boxes, they are so "girly". Found a few on the web and also scored a wonderful Tylenol box.

I'm in love with the ballet slipper!

Close up of slipper

The good and the bad

The clog turned sandal

Books, books and more books!

The Masters on canvas. Still need to age and add paint effects

Vintage boxes and Tylenol

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