Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Lots of Work, Little to Show...

Today I worked on the structure of the trailer. Lots of gluing, painting and taping. Not much to show.  There will be a table and shelves the entire width of the trailer, so I will need tons of accessories. Today I got a chance to work on a few.

First the lamp. I purchased the glass base from HobbyLobby a while ago. I immediately knew that I would be making some type of lamp out of it. I wanted to make something a little unique, so I created a lamp shade made from metal and rusted the entire shade. I love the two together. I am now searching for the tiny led lights I purchased for this project. (I can't find anything now that I have reorganized!)

While the paint and glue was drying, I was able to get the bust (which I overcooked) painted. I am not sure if this idea will work out, but I have to give it my best shot.
I also made a mold for the clogs (if I can pull this off, they will be super cute!). 

Lastly, a LIFE game box. We love playing games in our family, so I want to make sure to include several in the project.

Here's a peek:

Miniature Dollhouse Bedside Lamp
Anita Smiley for fabulouslyflawedminiatures

Miniature Dollhouse Accessories
Anita Smiley for fabulouslyflawedminiatures

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